Wednesday, 27 February 2013

PES Editing Tools

Hi guys, I know a lot of you have been asking for download links for the new editing tools for PES. I have just posted a article for PES Gaming talking about them and included in it are download links for everything you need for both PS3 and Xbox.

Rather than duplicating the post here is a link to my article

Enjoy, Paul

Here a re a few video tutorials

Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Subscriber Update 22/2

Hi guys, yesterday I sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More player scans/builds/boots
  • More transfers
  • More created players
  • New NT kits for Kuwait
Have a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

BAL Video

Hi guys, it's not normally something I do, but as my BAL has stagnated & I have changed a lot about the OF since I started I'm going to start a new BAL after the next Konami DLC (still no date). So here is a video of some of my latest goals, plus some PES 2012 BAL goals.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Master League Staff

Hi guys, I have worked out how to edit the staff that appear in ML (not managers). I was thinking it would be good to make them real people instead of the fake people who are there by default.

There are..
  • 5 Agents
  • 5 Club Doctors
  • 5 GK Coaches
  • 10 Athletic Trainers
  • 10 Coaches
  • 14 Scouts
I can edit the name, nationality & appearance of them, so was looking for some well know people to fill the slots. Some of my suggestions would be Graham Carr (Newcastle Scout), Edwin Van der Saar (Ajax GK Coach), Denis Bergkamp (Ajax Coach). With the ex players I can add their old preset faces as well which will look great.

Let me know your suggestions, Paul

Friday, 15 February 2013

Latest Subscriber Update

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update. It contains....

  • More transfers & loans that have happened this week
  • More player scans, builds & accessories
  • New Netherlands away kit
  • More created players
  • The Classic NT have been renamed as Extra Players 1,2,etc
Also I have sent updates to most of the team imports.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New Subscriber Update

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • A few more transfers I either missed or have happened since last week
  • Some more relinked preset faces from older games
  • Some more face scans/builds
  • More created players
  • A few more updated NT kits
  • More boots/accessories updates
Check your inboxes for the links.

Cheers, Paul

(Ooops this should have been posted on Friday, sorry)

Players You Don't Want To Lose

Hi guys,

Even though the new Konami DLC is at least a couple of weeks away still (I don't have a date yet), I want to be prepared so I can get my update out to you all as quickly as possible. What I would like to know today is which players who will be removed by the next DLC you would like to see remain in the OF? The players that will be removed are those that are not in a NT squad & have transferred or gone on loan to a team not in my OF.

Let me know your thoughts and I will do the best I can to save them, although I do have limited space.

Cheers, Paul

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

v1.8 Out Now for Xbox360

Hi guys, 7oy has been working hard & has converted v1.8 of my PS3 OF for use with Xbox360. I have very limited experience with Xbox, but will do my best to help with any questions you may have.

The Xbox version contains everything that is in the PS3 version except some created stadiums have been removed as you can't use adboards on the Xbox version, but you will have all the kits & face scans.

The links are on the downloads page, you can use either the latest full file or v1.8 as they are both the same as this is the 1st version for Xbox. Here is a video made by Daymos on how to install a Xbox OF

Once again a big thanks to 7oy for converting this.

Enjoy, Paul

Monday, 4 February 2013

v1.8 Out Now

Hi guys v1.8 of my OF is out now, it contains....

  • All the relinked preset faces form old PES games
  • 6 hidden teams replaced with the teams below
  • Lots of transfers
  • More created players
  • More player appearance updates (scans/builds/accessories)
  • Some NT kit updates

With the transfers I have done everything I am aware of, please check the transfers page to see what these are. Some players haven't been moved yet due to the squad being full, & other players who are not IG haven't been done as they will be added with the next Konami DLC.

Speaking of the DLC I don't know when it will be out, last year it was mid March, but hopefully it will be earlier this year. I will provide a date as soon as I know it.

The 6 hidden teams have been replaced with...

  • Rubin Kazan
  • Lokomotiv Moscow
  • Metalist Kharkiv
  • Hapoel Tel Aviv
  • FC Basel
  • Heart of Midlothian

One last thing, when I first started using the new editing tools, there was a problem with the boots added by the last DLC, if you notice a player wearing the wrong boots let me know what they should be & I will fix it up. I think I have done most, but I'm sure there are others I have missed.

Enjoy, Paul

Sunday, 3 February 2013

General News

Hi guys, 1st up sorry for my slower responses this weekend, but it has been busy so I haven't had the time I normally have to check the blog.

I'm having a few problems updating the transfers page, hopefully I should be able to get it done soon.

v1.8 will be out tomorrow & will contain everything that has been included in the last few subscriber updates including the relinked preset faces.

Big news for the week is there will also be a Xbox version of my OF either later this week or next weekend. 7oy is going to convert v1.8 so that it can be used on any Xbox & it will bring in all the face scans & kits as well as everything else from my PS3 OF.

This is a huge step forward & even if it is not the first OF to do this it will certainly be one of the first, and once again I have to say a big thanks to 7oy for taking the time to convert it all, just as he has done previously with the Face Scan packs. More news on this later in the week.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 1 February 2013

Post Transfer Window Subscriber Update

Hi guys,

I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains...

  • The 6 hidden teams replaced with the teams in my previous post
  • More transfers
  • A few more player scans/builds
  • More created players
  • A few more NT kit updates
First up I'm sorry there are only a few player apperances updated, but I spent most of the week replacing the hidden teams & doing transfers. I have done as many transfers that I know of right up until the close of the transfer window, there are still some missing due to full squads of players not being in the game. I will continue to create the NIG players for the Bundesliga & Championship teams. For IG teams I will wait until the next Konami Data Pack.

I have also started updating the squads of the IG teams taking part in the AFCON. I had hoped to have had them done for this update, but there are a lot more NIG players than I expected.

I have updated the player appearance page, but not the transfers page yet.

Have a great weekend, Paul