Thursday, 3 December 2015

Data Pack 2 Out Now

Hi guys, first up apologies for the lack of posts recently work has been really busy so PES has taken a back seat. The new data pack is out which finally updates the squads, it also adds new faces, boots & the Maracanã Stadium.

If you want to know how the new data pack will effect your edits then check out my post here or follow me on Twitter. I will try to post some pictures of what I have edited in the next few days.

Enjoy, Paul

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Relay For Life 2015

Hi guys, just a short post to remind you all this weekend I am taking part again in Relay For Life, a 24 hour walk to raise money for cancer research. This is a very important charity to me as both my dad & my father-in-law died from cancer. I wish I could repay you all with a OF for your donations, but all I can do being on PS4 is offer the tips I have been posting.

I'm just over half way to the fundraising total I set, but would love to go way past it. If you can spare any money your donations are very much appreciated here & if you would like a alternative link then let me know & I will see what I can do.

Like last year I will try to post some pictures or video during the event.

5 hours in, I've walked 10km so far, it's not too late to donate if you can.

Finished & home, managed 40km over the 24 hours in the end. Thanks to everyone who donated, it's much appreciated. A few more donations & I will reach my target.

Thanks, Paul

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

PES 2016 Editing Tip 2 - Creating Teams/Leagues

Hi guys, next tip for editing your own game is creating teams or leagues, a lot of this will also apply to general editing as well. Doing this is pretty straightforward like everything else, but it does take a lot of time, here are the basic tips...

1. Be Organized
I usually set up a few spreadsheets before I start. I have one for general notes & keeping track of things like kits or appearances I have done, I then also create separate spreadsheets for each league I create with a sheet for each team.

2. Use A USB Keyboard
When creating players or editing teams names you will need to do a lot of typing, you can do this using a controller, but if you plug in a USB keyboard you can type this information in much quicker.

These tips will help save time as well as help you keep track of what you have/haven't done.

Data Packs

Data packs are great for a lot of things like updating transfers, adding new boots or new player appearances, but they do cause some issues. Most things you edit will remain after each data pack but the following will be reset....

  • Player transfers
  • Player nationalities
  • League structure
  • Squad numbers
So you will keep kits, emblems, names, stats, appearances. What this means is that after every data pack you will need to move players back to the teams you put them in, so for Example if you create Dortmund who have a lot of their players already in the game you will need to transfer them back after each data pack. This is also true for any NT's where you may have replaced the fake duplicates with the real players.

Personally I wouldn't bother doing too much other than kits until after the 1st data pack on 29th October. On PS3 there is the import/export team option, you can export any teams you have created (20 at a time) then import them back in after the data pack.

Editing Leagues

There are 3 fake leagues inn PES that you can edit to create new leagues, one for Europe, one for America & one for Asia. These leagues are tied to those regions & have 20 teams each, you can change the number of teams to 14, 16 or 18 & the remaining teams will be moved to the "Other Teams" section for that region. It is also possible to move teams already in the game to these leagues, so for example when making the Bundesliga you can swap 3 fake teams for the 3 teams already in the game by going to "Edit League Structure".

Editing Teams

I won't go over adding kits or emblems as that is exactly the same as fixing those things for the unlicensed teams. Most the information you need will be on various PES forums or club websites, PES Gaming always has lots of league creation threads, some are better than others but they are all a great starting point. These threads will provide you with kits, formations, stats & appearances, for example the Bundesliga thread already has pretty much everything you need to create that league.

Besides forums these sites are also useful for finding player stats... (Has stats from previous PES games) (Has stats for 1000's of players, although they are a bit overrated)

You can also use other football games to make stats, I always use Football Manager, but you could also use FIFA. The stats aren't the same between games, but it gives you a good guide if you can't find them anywhere else.

That's about it, if you have any questions then post them in the comments & I will help where I can.

On a unrelated note, on 10th/11th October I will again be taking part in Relay For Life, a 24 hour walk for cancer research in memory of my Dad & my Father-in-law. If you can spare any money I would really appreciate any donations here 

Happy editing, Paul

Thursday, 24 September 2015

How To Convert A PS3 Option File To A Different Region

Hi guys, here is the guide on how to convert a PS3 OF from one region to another, before I can give you a working link to Bruteforce I need all the region codes for PES 2016, so post them in the comments & as soon as I have them all (BLES/BLUS/BLAS/NPUB) I will upload a link to download a version that will work with PES 2016.

To find your region code copy the EDITDATA file from your PS3 & open it on your PC.

Bruteforce Download (Currently works with BLES/BLUS/BLAS/NPEB/NPUB/NPHB)

*Updated* Now works with BLES Euro 2016 version


  1. Download & extract the OF you want to convert
  2. Download & extract my version of Brutefoce
  3. Copy the EDITDATA file from your PS3 to a USB
  4. Open Bruteforce locate your EDITDATA & press "Update Account ID" & Choose Update Account ID & Copy Params
  5. Close Bruteforce & delete your EDITDATA from the USB
You will only need to do this once to set up Bruteforce to work correctly.


Here is a screenshot of what Bruteforce looks like so you can see where all the buttons are...

  1. Open Bruteforce & locate where the files are
  2. Select the first file & press Ctrl+i
  3. Type in your region code
  4. Highlight the code & press Ctrl+c to copy it, then press Enter
  5. Move to the next file & press Ctrl+i then Ctrl+c then Enter
  6. Keep doing step 5 until you have done every file
  7. Select all the convert files then press the "Verify PFD" button
  8. Close Bruteforce & copy the files to your PS3
That's about it, it is pretty easy, it just takes a long time if there are lots of files.

Enjoy, Paul

Saturday, 19 September 2015

PES 2016 Editing Tip 1 - Adding Images

Hi guys, I still don't have the game as Konami have pushed back the release date here to Tuesday with no explanation. I thought though I would post my first tips on editing for those of you that want to do your own edits.


Once you have your images you copy them to a USB in a folder called "WEPES" then plug it into your PS4.

Start the game & go to edit mode & under data management there is a option to import images where you can copy the images from the USB to your PS4.

Still in edit mode go to teams then strip and then you can paste the correct image for each kit.

The process is exactly the same for team emblems & manager images.


Once you have your images you copy them to a USB in a folder called PS3/PICTURES then plug into your PS3.

Start your PS3 & go to Photos & copy the images to your PS3, then start the game.

Start the game & in edit mode go to teams then strip & for each kit you will need to import images for each part of the strip. As each part of the kit is a seperate image you will need to say yes when asked to overwrite the image.

As PS3 images don't cover the whole of the kit you will need to use some of the options in the game to make the kits look perfect.

There are plenty of images available on the sites I mentioned in my previous post, but these are the ones I will be using for my game there is only the Premier League, SkyBet Championship & Sassuola so far but lots more will be added in the next few days.

I will post more tips over the next few weeks, if there is anything you would like me to post tips on then let me know in the comments.

Happy editing, Paul

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

PES 2016 PS4 OF Sharing

Hi guys, I have been told that sharing of editing on PS4 is limited just to kits so at this stage there will be no OF's. This may change in the future if Konami or Sony find a solution, but for now I will just go back to editing the game for myself like I used to on PS2.

As I can't provide a OF I will instead make posts on how you can edit the game yourself by sharing tips & information. The best place to look for this is the various PES forums that are around, some of the ones I use are as follows....

as well as the partner sites PESHungary & WEBrothers that you can find on the side of the blog under partner sites. I will also post links to all the info that had been gathered by myself & the other guys I was planning to work this year that isn't posted anywhere else (although most of this will be on pesgaming & pesuniverse anyway.

That's about it for now, before anyone asks I won't be going back to PS3, but all the links provided should be able to point you to either PS3 OF's or the information to make your own. I will post some more once I have the game & have had time test out the new edit mode.

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 16 August 2015

PES 2016 Plans

Hi guys, first up sorry for the lack of Mediafire links, my internet connection has been playing up. The BLES link is now on the downloads page & the BLUS & BLAS should be up in the next few days.

Over the last few months I have changed my mind a 100 times about what to do with PES 2016, I have released OF's for every game since PES 2010 & edited for myself before that & every year I think I will retire. I was pretty sure this years OF was going to be my last due to a lack of time, but I was contacted by themidnitekid about a month ago with a very interesting proposal.

He asked me to help with a PS4 OF, his original idea was to get everyone to work on one OF, but not everyone wanted to take part. I decided this would be great for me though as I can still work on a OF but with the help of lots of other people. This means a much better OF for everyone as it won't be reliant on how much free time I have as other people will be able to add things even when I don't have time. So far there is myself, themidnitekid, 7oy & Alister & hopefully there will be more people to help out soon. It won't be my OF, but a OF for everyone.

At the moment file sharing hasn't been confirmed for PS4, but as it stands if it is confirmed then I will be working on a PS4 OF & if file sharing isn't possible on PS4 then I won't be releasing a OF at all, I will just go back to my PS2 days & make my own edits for myself. I don't have a PS4 yet, but will be getting one this week, I haven't downloaded the PES 2106 demo yet as I thought I would wait until I have my PS4 rather than get the PS3 one now then the PS4 one this week.

For the last few years I have been able to covert my BLES OF to work with the BLUS &BLAS versions of the game thanks to the Bruteforce tool, at the moment this won't be possible for PS4 , so the OF (if it is possible) will be for the European version of the game. I don't know the code sorry as I don't have my PS4 yet, but I will update the post once I do know.

If nyou are sticking with PS3 then I'm sure other people will still release OF's or you could make your own. Making a OF isn't hard, it just takes lots of time, Check out PES forums such as PESGaming, PESFan or WENB to find alternate OF's.

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Final Update Out Now

Hi guys, the final update is out now, currently there are only Google Drive links, but I will be adding Mediafire ones as well in the next few days. I would have loved to have done more with the OF, but my time has been much more limited this year than previous years.

The update has over 100 new player appearances as well as some more Brazilian transfers, I had hoped to have all the Brazilian teams correct as of 31st May but I just haven't had the time, so apologies to all you Brazilians. The total for player appearances stands at 1388 which is the most I have ever had in a OF, this wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of kitfisto & who so a massive thanks to the both of you for your help.

If you have enjoyed the OF then your support here is greatly appreciated.

I will have news next week on my PES 2016 plans, thanks to you all for your support.

Enjoy, Paul

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New Download Links

Hi guys, sorry this has taken so long but the new download links are now on the downloads page for BLES/BLUS (BLAS will follow once it has finished uploading). The links are Google Drive downloads and contain every file.

It isn't a proper update, but there are a few changes such as new Nigeria NT kits, more work on the Brazilian squads and around 150 new player appearances thanks to Kitfisto and who. I will release a proper final update in two or three weeks.

Cheers, Paul

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Download Links Not Working

Hi guys, some of the download links have been removed by Mediafire as they believe they are infringing copyright. I have put in a request to have these links restored as I don't see why some would be classed as infringing copyright & not others. If they refuse then I will upload new links when I release the new update over the weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience & please be patient in the meantime.

Cheers, Paul

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Remaining PES 2015 Updates

Hi guys, I'm sure you have all seen all the news over the last few days about PES 2016, with plenty more to come during E3. This got me thinking about where to go with the rest of my PES 2015 updates, first up being the release date of September. Depending on your region PES 2016 will be released on either 15th/17th/18th of September with the demo coming in late August, this makes me think that updating summer transfers is a waste of time as it will take me until at least a week after the transfer deadline to complete them all (so basically a week before the new game is released).

So there will be two more updates to my PES 2015 OF which will have the following....

  • More player appearances
  • Missing transfers (up to 31st May)
  • More fixed manager/stadium names
  • Possibly a few more team imports
  • 2015/16 kits for unlicensed teams
There will be on update in early July and the other in early August, you can decide if you would rather have my updates or stick with what has been done so far and do your own transfers if you would like them. This will give me five or six weeks to take a break from editing to decide if I have the time/energy to do it all again for PES 2016.

If (and at the moment it's still a if) I make a PES 2016 OF I haven't decided what format it will be on. The news that PS4 will be able to import images for kits and emblems is great, but at the moment there is still no news on sharing OF's. Currently I don't have a PS4, but if OF sharing is announced then it may make me upgrade earlier than I planned. I will make a decision in late August on if I will release a PES 2016 OF and what format it will be on.

Cheers, Paul

Monday, 8 June 2015

New Update Out Now (Jun8)

Hi guys, the new update is now ready to dowload, it is just the new/updated files so make sure you have all the previous updates. It contains....

Player Appearances
Over 600 new player appearances have been added, taking the total to over 1000, a big thanks to who & kitfisto for helping me add them. I've updated the player appearances page with all the new ones.

NT Kits
More new NT kits have been added, more will follow in future updates.

More Brazilian transfers have been done up to 31st May, some are still missing. From the next update I will start updating summer transfers as well as completing more transfers I have missed from Argentina/Brazil. Because of the updates some Brazilian team line ups are messed up.

Manger/Stadium Names
Manager/Stadium names have been fixed for the Eredivisie as well as some Brazilian teams.

Team Imports
Two new team imports have been added, they are Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Debreceni. Yhanks to milanello for the initial imports that I updated & made compatible with my OF.

There are other small changes as well.

Enjoy, Paul

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Survey Feedback

Hi guys, thanks for all the responses to the survey, it is now closed as I could only view the first 100 responses. The results that I could see confirmed what I expected in that transfers, kits and appearances are more important than manager names, stadium names and team imports. I will take all the feedback on board and work from there.

The next update should be out sometime over the first weekend in June (it's a long weekend here) and will included 100's more player appearances, more South American transfers and more new NT kits. After that I will start on the summer transfers, 2015/16 kits and lots more player appearances.

Cheers, Paul

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Moving Forward

Hi guys, it's been just over six months since PES 2015 was released and if Konami keep the same November release date then it will be six months until PES 2016 is released. June is usually the month where news of the new game comes out so it won't be too long before we start hearing what to expect from the new game.

As we will all still be playing this game for a while I want to know what things you all think are important, for example up until a few weeks ago I didn't think I would worry with updating transfers but now I think I will as the new game is still a long way off. Below is a quick survey just so I can gather everyone's thoughts easily to give me an idea of what you all think. I look forward to hearing from a many of you as possible.

Cheers, Paul

Create your own user feedback survey

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

New Update Out Now (May12)

Hi guys, the new update is out now, links are on the downloads page. The new update is just the new files since the last update, so if you don't have that already then download & install that before this update. The new update only has 23 files as most of the changes are in the editdata file. I would have liked to have done more, but I couldn't make you all wait any longer. The update contains.....

I have fixed all the Liga NOS kits where the sponsor clashed with the player name on the back of the shirt. This has been done by reducing the size of the sponsor where possible or by moving the name to the below the number. There are also a few new NT kits, I will add more in the next update.

Player Appearances
Over 200 more appearances have been added, a big thanks to who for again helping me out with adding them. I'm still working my way through your requests & will continue to add more in future updates.

Manger/Stadium Names
I have corrected the manager & stadium names for all the Serie A & Liga BBVA teams, again I will continue to update more in future updates.

Team Imports
The imports pack now contains three more teams that can be imported in place of existing teams. They are Aberdeen, Dynamo Kiev & Red Bull Salzburg, they join the previously available Rangers & Crewe Alexandra. A big thanks to Jim Summers for Aberdeen & Zsolt for Dynamo Kiev & Red Bull Salzburg. (BLUS & BLAS versions will be uploaded later)

That's about it (although there may be other small things done). I had hoped to have the new Brasileiro logo added but I haven't found a good image yet.

Enjoy, Paul

Sunday, 10 May 2015

New Update Monday or Tuesday

Hi guys, just a quick post to say that the new update will be out either tomorrow or Tuesday. I had hoped to release it tonight but my weekend was busier than expected, so I didn't get to finish off everything I wanted too. Lots of good things will be included, you will find out what when the update is released.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Player Appearance Requests - Round 2

Hi guys, I haven't had as much time for editing over the last few weeks as I would have like, but I have still got quite a bit done. As well as player appearances I have fixed the Liga NOS kits where the names were clashing with sponsors & have started fixing the messed up line ups for the Brazilian and Ar gentian teams as well as a few other things. Hopefully if all goes well the next update will be released in the next 10 days or so.

Before that I thought it was time to open up the next round of appearance requests, just as with last time the rules are....

  • 2 players per person
  • No requests from "Anonymous" users
  • Please post the full name & team
  • I won't do players who have a preset face
If you don't have a Google account to post under a user name then you can email your request to I won't reply to the request unless there is a error in the request. As I'm rubbish at making faces I won't be able to complete every request, but I will keep a record of them so if someone makes them I can add them. I have added over 80 faces since the last update, so here is the revised list of faces I have done....

Jannik Bandowski 1860 Munich
Davy Klassen Ajax
Arkadiusz Milik Ajax
Thulani Serero Ajax
Kolbeinn Sigþórsson Ajax
Niklas Moisander Ajax
Daley Sinkgraven Ajax
Viktor Fischer Ajax
Lucas Andersen Ajax
Ricardo van Rhijn Ajax
Richairo Živkovic Ajax
Ricardo Kishna Ajax
Everton Ribeiro  Al Ahli
Chinedu Ede Anorthosis Famagusta
Callum Chambers Arsenal
Francis Coquelin Arsenal
Héctor Bellerín Arsenal
Gedion Zelalem Arsenal
Gabriel Arsenal
Aymeric Laporte At Bilbao
Jesus Gamez At Madrid
Angel Correa At Madrid
Miguel Angel Moya At Madrid
Saul Niguez At Madrid
Jose Gimenez At Madrid
Cristian Ansaldi At Madrid
Uilson At.Mineiro
Rafinha Barcelona
Alen Halilovic Barcelona B
Adama Traore Barcelona B
Fabrice Ondoa Barcelona B
Alex Grimaldo Barcelona B
Sergi Samper Barcelona B
Claudio Pizarro  Bayern
Hany Mukhtar Benfica
Lima Benfica
Jardel Benfica
Paulo Lopes Benfica
Loris Benito Benfica
Bryan Cristante Benfica
Ljuubomir Fejsa Benfica
Pizzi Benfica
Gonçalo Guedes  Benfica
Cristian Pavón Boca Juniors
Emile Heskey Bolton
Felipe Pardo Braga
Matheus Braga
Pedro Tiba Braga
Alan Braga
Tiago Gomes Braga
Thomas Broich Brisbane
Danny Ings Burnley
Joaquin Larrivey Celta Vigo
Pablo Hernandez Celta Vigo
Fabian Orellana Celta Vigo
Levy Madinda Celta Vigo
Jonny Celta Vigo
Kurt Zouma Chelsea
Fransesco Bardi  Chievo
Cristiano Biraghi Chievo
Malcolm Corinthians
Henrique Cruzeiro
Dwight Gale Crystal Palace
Yaya Sanogo Crystal Palace
Yannick Bolasie Crystal Palace
Joe Ledley Crystal Palace
Alessandro Del Piero Delhi Dynamos
Sven Bender Dortmund
Marc Hornschuh Dortmund
Jon Gorenc-Stankovic  Dortmund
Sebastian Kehl Dortmund
Ilkay Gündogan Dortmund
Henrikh Mkhitaryan  Dortmund
Milos Jojic Dortmund
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Dortmund
Nuri Sahin Dortmund
Oliver Kirch Dortmund
Marian Sarr Dortmund
Marcel Schmelzer Dortmund
Mitsuru Maruoka Dortmund
Zlatan Alomerovic Dortmund
Joseph-Claude Gyau Dortmund
Hendrik Bonmann Dortmund
Mustafa Amini Dortmund
Mo Besic Everton
Diego Fenerbache
Volkan Demirel Fernerbache
Diego Fernerbache
Mehmet Topal Fernerbache
Neto Fiorentina
Federico Bernardeschi Fiorentina
Nenad Tomovic Fiorentina
Josip Ilicic Fiorentina
Milan Badelj Fiorentina
Mohamed Salah Fiorentina
Khouma Babacar Fiorentina
Frauches Flamengo
Timo Hildebrand  Free Agent
Nicolas Anelka Free Agent
Yasuhito Endo Gamba Osaka
M'Baye Niang Genoa
Juraj Kucka  Genoa
Max Kruse Gladbach
Tony Jantschke Gladbach
Martin Stranzl Gladbach
Patrick Herrmann Gladbach
Thorgan Hazard Gladbach
Raffael Gladbach
Janis Blaswich Gladbach
Marlon Ritter Gladbach
Roel Brouwers Gladbach
Julian Korb Gladbach
Bilal Sezer Gladbach
Andre Hahn Gladbach
Christofer Heimeroth Gladbach
Filip Daems Gladbach
Alvaro Dominguez Gladbach
Marvin Schulz Gladbach
Nico Brandenburger Gladbach
Mahmoud Dahoud Gladbach
Jeison Murillo  Granada
Raphael Galhardo Gremio
Marcelo Oliveira Gremio
Douglas Gremio
Lincoln Gremio
Mohamed Gouaida  Hamburg
Tolcay Cigerci  Hamburg
Rafael Van Der Vaart Hamburg
Jaroslav Drobny Hamburg
Dennis Diekmeier Hamburg
Fabian Pietler Hannover
Niklas Teichgräber Hannover
Nadiem Amiri Hoffenheim
Nicolai Rapp Hoffenheim
Roberto Firmino Hoffenheim
Oliver Baumann Hoffenheim
Marcelo Brozovic  Inter
Lisandro Lopez Internacional
Timo Horn Koln
Kevin Wimmer Koln
Slawomir Peszko Koln
Pawel Olkowski Koln
Felipe Anderson  Lazio
Edson Braafheid Lazio
Lazar Markovic  Liverpool
Emre Can Liverpool
Samuel Umtiti Lyon
Mohamed Yattara Lyon
Farès Bahlouli Lyon
Jordan Ferri Lyon
Steed Malbranque Lyon
Koo Ja Chul Mainz
Shinji Okazaki Mainz
Loris Karius Mainz
Samu Castillejo Malaga
Sergi Darder Malaga
Weligton Malaga
Ignacio Camacho Malaga
Nordin Amrabat Malaga
Marco Asensio  Mallorca
James Wilson Man Utd
Paddy McNair Man Utd
Nick Powell Man Utd
Benjamin Mendy Marseille
Mario Lemina Marseille
Gianelli Imbula Marseille
Romain Alessandrini Marseille
Stéphane Sparagna Marseille
Baptiste Aloé Marseille
Alaixys Romao Marseille
Lucas Ocampos Marseille
Abdelaziz Barrada Marseille
Michy Batshuayi Marseille
Giacomo Bonaventura  Milan
Mario Van Ginkel Milan
Michelangelo Albertazzi Milan
Suso Milan
Aymen Abdennour Monaco
Anthony Marital Monaco
Valère Germain Monaco
Fabinho Monaco
Andrea Raggi Monaco
Nabil Dirar Monaco
Emmanuel Riviere Newcastle
Ayoze Perez Newcastle
Sammy Ameobi Newcastle
Jack Colback Newcastle
Chuba Akpom Notts Forest
David Villa NY City
Kaka Orlando City
Alexander Nubel Paderborn
Srdjan Lakic Paderborn
Franco Vasquez  Palermo
Vitor Hugo Palmeiras
Jonathan Cristaldo  Palmeiras
Dudu Rodrigues  Palmeiras
Adrien Rabiot PSG
Charlie Austin QPR
Ronaldinho Queretaro
Angel Montoro Reacreativo de Huelva
Pedro Rios Reacreativo de Huelva
Dani Sotres Reacreativo de Huelva
Manu Molina Reacreativo de Huelva
Martin Ødegaard Real Madrid
Lucas Silva Real Madrid
Marcelo Barovero  River Plate
Gabriel Mercado River Plate
Ariel Rojas River Plate
Leonardo Pisculichi  River Plate
Juan Iturbe Roma
Seydou Keita Roma
Antonio Sanabria Roma
Leandro Paredes Roma
Lukasz Skorupski Roma
Salih Ucan Roma
Pedro Obiang  Sampdoria
Stefano Okaka Sampdoria
Roberto Soriano  Sampdoria
Doria Sao Paulo
Ricardo Centurion Sao Paulo
Ganso Sao Paulo
Rogerio Ceni Sao Paulo
Alexandre Pato Sao Paulo
Domenico Berardi  Sassuolo
Matija Nastasic  Schalke
Clint Dempsey Seattle Sounders
Iago Aspas Sevilla
Vitolo Sevilla
Coke Sevilla
Vicente Iborra Sevilla
Daniel Carrico Sevilla
Anton Kanibolotskyi Shakhtar Donetsk
Serhiy Kryvtsov Shakhtar Donetsk
Vyacheslav Shevchuk Shakhtar Donetsk
Taison Shakhtar Donetsk
Alex Texeira Shakhtar Donetsk
Oleksandr Gladky Shakhtar Donetsk
Eljero Elia Southampton
James Ward-Prowse Southampton
Emmanuel Mayuka Southampton
Jose Fonte Southampton
Sadio Mane Southampton
Franck Tabanou St. Etienne
Fabien Lamoine St. Etienne
Romain Hamouma St. Etienne
Yohan Mollo St. Etienne
Ricky Van Wolfswinkel St. Etienne
Floretin Pogba St. Etienne
Allan Saint-Maxim St. Etienne
Max Gradel St. Etienne
Ismaël Diomande St. Etienne
Giedrius Arlauskis Steaua Bucuresti
Srdjan Luchin Steaua Bucuresti
Paul Papp Steaua Bucuresti
Cornel Rapa Steaua Bucuresti
Iasmin Latovlevici Steaua Bucuresti
Nicandro Breeveld  Steaua Bucuresti
Milos Dimitrijevic Sydney
Vedran Janjetovic Sydney
Kamil Gilk Torino
Omar El Kaddouri Torino
Giovanni Pasquale Udinese
Cyril Thereau Udinese
Gabriel Silva Udinese
Silvan Widmer Udinese
Allan Udinese
Tadanari Lee Urawa Red Diamonds
Tomoaki Makino  Urawa Red Diamonds
Yosuke Kashiwagi  Urawa Red Diamonds
Dani Parejo Valencia
Rodrigo Valencia
Lucas Orban Valencia
Javi Fuego Valencia
Ruben Vezo Valencia
Melvyn Lorenzen Werder
Janek Sternberg Werder
Maximilian Eggestein Werder
Michael Zetterer Werder
Saido Berahino  West Brom
Nene West Ham
Bas Dost Wolfsburg
Naldo Wolfsburg
Joshua Guilavogui  Wolfsburg
Timm Klose Wolfsburg

Any faces previously requested that aren't on this list aren't done yet as I haven't found a build for them. I will do my best to add as many of your new requests as well as some of my own choices before the next update.

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 5 April 2015

New Update Out Now (Apr4)

Hi guys, the new update is out now for BLES/BLUS/BLAS :) It contains all 882 files, here's what's new....

I have done over 500 transfers that were missed by the last data pack, most are from the Argentinian and Brazilian leagues, but there are a few others from other leagues. Some transfers are still missing as I haven't created all the players as yet, I will add these in the next update. The transfers have caused some team line ups to mess up, this is only really a issue in Exhibition mode, again I will fix these in the next update.

The remaining J-League kits have been added along with kits for Avai and Joinville so every team now has the correct kits. In future updates I will continue to improve the existing kits and update the new NT kits.

Player Appearances
Lots more player appearances have been added, a big thanks to who from PESGaming who added lots for me. I haven't started on your requests yet and will do so in the next update along with more players I decide to update. The faces currently done can be found here

I have updated all the managers that have changed for the leagues I had previously corrected the names for. In the next update I will start correcting the manager names and stadiums for the leagues I haven't already done.

That's probably about it, although as always there are probably a few other small things I have fixed and remember if you are enjoying my OF and have some spare cash you can donate here to help a great cause.

Happy Easter, Paul

Monday, 23 March 2015

Player Appearance Requests

Hi guys, in case you missed it the full version of my OF is now on the downloads page, there is nothing different from last weeks update, just everything in one file to download for those of you who prefer that.

I plan to release another update in a week or two, my main focus is fixing the missing transfers and adding the rest of the J-League kits but as a break I have started doing some player appearances so I thought I would start taking requests. Rules will be pretty much the same as previous years, but here they are...

  • 2 players per person
  • No requests from "Anonymous" users
  • Please post the full name & team
  • I won't do players who have a preset face
If you don't have a Google account to post under a user name then you can email your request to I won't reply to the request unless there is a error in the request. As I'm rubbish at making faces I won't be able to complete every request, but I will keep a record of them so if someone makes them I can add them.

That's about it for now, so request away....